IoT Labs MX is a full service IoT logistics solution, powerful enough to support the most sophisticated business operations, and affordable enough to empower virtually any application. Read more about our patent pending technologies to see how you can apply them to all your business needs.


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Long Term Affordability We've worked tirelessly to pioneer advancements in nano electronics to make them more affordable for you than ever before. Whatecer your budget we'll work to find you a solution you're happy with.

Precision Engineering Our rapid prototyping can support any engineering and production need. Tags 200 microns thick? Waterproof sensors? Felxible trackers? Whatever your needs, If you can dream it we can build it.

Asset Tracking

Our NanoTags can more effectively hide from forklifts and everyday environmental factors that have plagued asset trackers for years. With the dimensions of a credit card, our weatherproof NanoTags can lay virtually flat on any surface.

Want a more power efficient and cost effective alternative to GPS? Track the location of your assets with Wifi enabled NanoTags. Our NanoTags sniff mac addresses in the area to determine the location of your assets.

Parcel Services

Equipped with release liners, our NanoTags resemble credit card sized stickers. Slap it on a box for instant connectivity.

Are you shipping perishables, high value goods, or just want better end to end visibility? We have you covered. Our NanoTags will automatically report the temperature, humidity, and time of open.

We can even integrate interactive features like our proprietary nano push button technology to enable user feedback. For example: “Push here to confirm you received this mailing”.

Food And Beverage

Quality control isn’t easy or affordable with existing technologies. RFID is too infrastructure heavy. Cellular is too expensive and power hungry. Our NanoTags give you the form factor and cost of RFID chips with the read range of cellular.


From autonomous inventory tracking and ordering, to cold chain, our NanoTags can support virtually any medical and pharmaceutical need.

Print & Media

Tired of doing all the hard work and getting zero attribution? We feel for you! Our NanoTags act like offline cookies, determining who is opening your offer, and providing you this “open rate” data in real time.

Effectively retarget engaged users with follow up mailings or emails. And don’t worry, our NanoTag cookies will ensure your original mailing gets attribution for any conversions.

If you’re sending sensitive information via post, you should know when and if your mailing is being opened, and by whom. We can help! Our NanoTags can be unobtrusively embedded into your mailings to determine when the mailer is opened.

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